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How everything starts...

1'st solo ceramic exhibition, 2003
-Humans are born and raised counting on advanced technology
and it has tended to be stronger as time goes by. Now we are all becoming cyborgs.
(we can't stand a minute without using the Internet and we sometimes implant machines in our body :
For example, pacemakers, artificial joints or contact lenses even though they are medical devices,
we are on our way to cyborgs.)
I want to express the process of being a cyborg from a human.

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The Root(根源) This is the first work in my series that I am inspired by humans evolved to become cyborgs,
which is stared from looking for the origin of humans. The root of the human being...
the beginning of the birth.. It reminds me of a sexual uinon.
The genital, important medium for the creation of a human being, s the main theme of this work and I'd like to express it in a beautiful
and realistic way as much as can be.