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Naldak  2009. in Korea

Feature : porcelain skin, glamorous narrow eyes, beauty mark on face

Character : imaginative, extroverted, challenging, pure

Specialty : daydream, challenging impossibility

Naldak will be a strong motivation to us who have been complacent.

서석만 徐碩晩 Seo, Seok-Man

present/director of NALDAK, member of korea fine art s association, gyeonggi ceramic artists association,

the association of goyang ceramic artists, cearmic art group 'The Teapot', cearmic art group 'The Dowon'
Education/ M.F.A., Ceramic Art, Graduate school, kookmin university, seoul, korea
lecture / Kookmin university zeroone design center, Goyang city woman's center
Awards / 20 times( Beauty Shaped by Koreans, G_Craft Festival)
solo exhibition/2times(korea) group exhition/50times( korea, Austria)


The studio TO HWA RANG was founded in Gyeonggi-do, korea in 2003.

It has been dedicated to ceramic education and products development for 13 years. Most of all,

TO HWA RANG people never fear to attempt new things and try to lead a new trend. 

Also we put a lot of effort into gaining recognition for the real value of ceramic arts

by communicating all people who are interested in ceramic arts.

You can meet real ceramic lovers at studio THR ceramic


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